A Dream becomes a Reality when you make it come Tru!!

Veronica A. known as TruImage Styles has had this passion for hair far beyond obtaining her license in New Carollarton, MD 2007. Originally born and raised in California she was denied the opportunity to take cosmetology courses in high school due to guardenship beliefs that hair was not a successful career path. She moved cross country at the age of 18 to follow her dreams.

When completing and receiving her license, she worked as an asistant to one of the top master stylist in the industry were she learned not only how to do hair but how to treat hair. While she was in a new environment and surrounded by loved ones they wanted to relocate to another state which left her in a dilemma. To stay in Maryland or to leave. She choose to STAY. She had to get a 9-5 to support herself while establishing a clientele. In that place of employment she built her clientele that she has had for over 12 years where she became multi talented in her skill set.

Throughout the years she continued her education in developing new skill in the industry by attending master classes in cutting, coloring, product knowledge, master frontal placement classes and custom wig making. She has had the opportunity to do hair for celebrities, local artist, NBA Mystic Players, bridal parities, photo shoots and overall having the opportunity to do what she loves.

Now after some time of being away from loved ones she has relocated to Colorado to be closer to family and new endeavors of now being a traveling stylist specalizing in custom units. She creates custom units to give clients who has had challenges with wigs that do not properly fit. Her TruFit Units relieve that uncomfortability by obtaining your measurements and specifications. It’s time to Embrace your Tru Self with A Reflective Image of Beauty!πŸ’‹

Customer Reviews

The best of the best...every style you did on me was so bomb, you truly the best stylist ever!!!

Skylar Z.

My TruFit custom wig was amazing... WHAT LACE SIS!!! It felt and looked like my real hair, I LOVE IT!

Tamera P.

Thank You! I truly appreciate you for always taking care of my hair :)!

Gloria D.